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The Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA)
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Membership Structure

The strength of the Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA) comes from its members. It is the professional MMOs implementing protocols in the field who best characterise the MMOA. It is important to MMOA’s success that we represent all professional MMOs, and we therefore have an inclusive Full Member policy that welcomes professional MMOs of all levels to participate. Any individuals with the demonstrated experience, skills and qualifications to enable them to work as MMOs are invited to exchange knowledge and contribute their considered thoughts and concerns.

Click here for MMO Association Code of Professional Conduct
Click here for MMO Association Code of Professional Conduct (Spanish Version)

Click here for the MMO Association Constitution Document
Click here for the MMO Association Constitution Document (Spanish Version)

As consensus views and clear goals emerge from this discourse, they will be represented by MMOA, to move forward with the stated aims and objectives. Dialogue and engagement with all sectors involved with the MMO profession is a key aim of the MMOA. Therefore in addition to Full Membership, parties associated with MMO work or newly qualified MMOs are asked to provide valuable input as Associate Members.

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The Committee

The MMOA Committee works to represent MMOs. Under the clear mandate of the MMOA membership, the committee will form policy true to the stated aims and conduct day-to-day affairs.

The MMOA Executive Committee is made up of the following experienced MMOs: Patrick Lyne (Chair), Frances Robertson (Vice Chair), Carolyn Barton (Treasurer), Phil Johnston, Els Vermeulen, Ruth Esteban and Ursula Pena.

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We would also like to thank everyone else who has contributed valuable assistance and advice in the development of MMOA, namely Sarah Dolman, Mark Simmonds, Zoe Crutchfield, Craig Bloomer, Chris Pierpoint, Richard Woodcock,  Michael Unwin, Caroline Weir, Jacklyn Barrs, Juliet Shrimpton, Claire Lacey, Heather McRae, Alison Gill, Sarah Barry and Simon Mustoe. 

Funding the Association

The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) has provided the set-up costs for this website. Membership fees will subsequently support the running costs of the Association.  In addition corporate sponsorship is welcomed to support the aims and objectives of the MMOA. The Association is a non-profit organisation and all accounts will be documented in yearly reports.

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