MMOA Mission & Aims

MMOA aims to works with professional, experienced and newly qualified MMOs and PAM operators, industry, government agencies, non-government organisations (NGOs) and academics to improve the profession's effectiveness by:

  • Developing professional competency. 
  • Improving collection and use of data.
  • Assimilating field experience and knowledge of MMOs.
  • Providing a collective voice for MMOs.
  • Promoting the MMO profession in the offshore industry.
  • Improving protection for marine mammals.

MMOA seek to achieve this through:

  • Attendance at relevant conferences and meetings by MMOA spokespersons to represent MMO interests.
  • Recognising the skills of professional MMOs, MMO managers and associated consultants and providing MMOs with career development opportunities and advice.
  • Encouraging feedback from professional and experienced MMOs and PAM Operators through an online MMO forum.
  • Providing a point of contact for advice and consultation on marine mammal mitigation issues, feedback on improving/reviewing guidelines and MMO data collection.
  • Improving knowledge of members through an Information Directory
  • Working to encourage and promote the systematic collection, collation and analysis of offshore MMO data worldwide.

The MMOA has been formally set up as an Association with a formal Constitution and Executive Committee which has been voted in by the membership. Accounts are formalised through an official Bank Account designed for non-profit organisations with the Cooperative Bank, UK.

Click here for the MMO Association Constitution Document
Click here for the MMO Association Constitution Document (Spanish Version)

Click here for MMO Association Code of Professional Conduct
Click here for MMO Association Code of Professional Conduct (Spanish Version)



About the Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA)

mmoa footer logoThe Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA) is a membership based association with the aim of bringing together and representing individuals who work commercially and professionally as Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operators who implement mitigation measures to protect marine life during industry operations. The MMOA also provides information to other individuals that have an interest in MMO issues.